December 1, 2018

RIP George

President Bush the First has passed away. A war hero, tycoon, politician, CIA Spook, President, class act; George HW Bush will be eulogized far more eloquently and detailed elsewhere.

It is raining cats and dogs this morning. At least it is slated to be warm. I have classic Christmas music playing in the background as I type. I'm trying to decide if I want to mess around on the interwebz or go get some donuts.

It is really raining hard...

The new job is going well. I'm a little less overwhelmed. It seems there has been a lot of turnover in personnel in my tiny division of Really Huge Company. We do stuff a certain way , no one knows why, but there is a certain German exactness that we adhere to the procedures. Whatever. You take the Man's dollar and you do what the man says. 

You should brace yourself to endure a continued lack of posting next week. I'm off to the land of tortillas and sombreros for the week. My Spanish is only slightly better than my Chinese. At least I can mumble a few words in Espanol. I might read it a little. I certainly cannot understand words spoken to me at all. That's me, the Ugly American. I'll type this same paragraph this spring, substituting "German" for "Spanish" when I head to the corporate HQ. 

Serious housecleaning is on tap today. Some friends are coming over this evening to play some euchre and hang out. It seems like I'm gonna have a good Saturday. I hope you do too.

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hey teacher... said...

George H.W. , while I didn’t agree with his politics, always struck me as a very decent person. A fellow Houstonian, who ran in the same social circles, that I know, expressed this sentiment as well. I’m curious to hear what Cheetoh in Chief has to say about him.
My wife’s family Christmas party was today,(yea today- don’t get me started). She is from a family of 13 kids so there was indeed a crowd. It’s a good time but the 3 thousand great and great/great grand kids get to be a bit much.
Good luck on your trip. Be sure to double check your luggage to be sure no bad hombres are hiding in the underwear pouch.

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