December 29, 2018

Today's secret word is "Beguiled"

Sinatra is crooning softly in the background. The coffee is hot and black and delicious. The furnace is blowing warm air as I peck one-fingered on the little iPad keyboard. I'm sitting on the living room couch typing this morning. My office is still filled with the deterious of Christmas wrapping: boxes, rolls of paper, boxes of gift bags, and boxes of...boxes. Don't ask.

Usually we leave the Christmas decor up and the lights on through New Years. I am ready to get it down now. The house will be gloomy and plain, but I am done with it. The One In Charge will determine if it is time.

I suspect it hinges on if people are coming over on New Years Eve.  We invited another couple over.. I think they are holding out for a better offer. I'm good either way. It is not like we are going to party the night away anyway. We are looking at dinner and cards if we have guests and dinner and maybe a movie if it is just me and the wife. 

Plans for today? More coffee. I will read your blogs. I need to drag my butt out and get a little exercise. I haven't walked for about a month. The Doc ain't gonna be happy with my lab results. I'm sure I can find something on the old TV to watch. Maybe I'll try and fool around with the wife. I have not fulfilled my weekly quota of rejection yet, since my customers and prospects were closed for the Holidays. She is always good for an extra "no" "go away" and "I'm not interested" when my ego needs a firm kick in the pants. 

Have a great Saturday. 

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