December 30, 2018

Didja Notice?

I'm late reporting in today. You might not have noticed. My musings have been a bit spotty of late. Posts are filled with the mundane trivia of my pitiful existence. It could be that after forty-two nearly fourteen years and 6,272 posts I have finally run out of stuff to talk about?

A good friend is torturing me with pictures from the beach in Southern Florida this morning. They are on a mini-vacation this week between holidays. Well, it is 70 here too -- in the house where I am drinking coffee and listening to...Supertramp (at this moment). Outside? A brisk 25 degrees.

In an effort to give the Evil Jeff Bezos access to my entire life, I set up my new Amazon Echo device yesterday. Actually this new full-sized model is replacing a Echo Dot in the bedroom. The old mini speaker was just too quiet in the large room. The bedroom has cathedral ceilings and the sound was lost when I wanted to listen at volume. That means I have one downstairs, one in the bedroom, a Dot in my office and one not hooked up. Maybe I'll put the spare on the patio this spring to listen to baseball games? More likely, Big Brother will let me know where to put it so my whole house is covered. The SJW Democrats will want to make sure I don't sneak into the front bedroom and have wrongthoughts.

Have a great Sunday.

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