January 12, 2019

A Desperate Need for French Toast

SnowTeam ScareTeam is in total "we all gotta panic" mode. They gleefully predict 4-7 inches of snow through Sunday, albeit with grave countenance for the cameras. Grocery stores were packed yesterday evening. Why? Because in 1978 the area was snowed in for a couple of days. This storm, even if we were to get the maximum, would not cripple the area. Plows are already salting slick roads and will plow as necessary. If anyone just must have the ingredients for an emergency batch of French Toast, they will be able to get to the store.

Here at the old homestead we had plenty of bread and eggs. We didn't have any milk. More importantly, I'm not sure I had enough beer to get through the football games. We stopped by the grocery to grab the essentials, and some milk on the way home from dinner. In the cart: beer, little chocolate donuts, Danish pastries, grape jelly, and chili sauce to make BBQ little wienies in the crock-pot. I said the purchases were essentials.

I did mention there was a football game on TV, right? We already had the stuff for pretzel dip and some frozen potato skins. Yes we're are having a tailgate party right in the living room. No, no one is invited. It will be just me and the wife snacking away while watching the local team in the playoffs. Yes, she will watch.

I intend to have a great Saturday. I hope you have one too.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Oh, the humanity!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

We passed 7” about an hour ago. Looks like they got this one right, for a change.

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