January 10, 2019

"G" marks the "X" spot, or something like that.

The kitchen is cleaned. Dishes are washing in the machine. I made a salad for supper. I cut some chicken breasts into chunks and then browned them in olive oil to put on top. It was normal salad fare: lettuce, onion, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, croutons.. Some blueberry muffins from a Jiffy mix rounded out the meal.  Of course it is not as healthy as it seems.

Right now I'm blasting music from the upstairs Echo while I hunt and peck. I just put away some toys. The wife ran to the store. I'm ready to park my rear on the couch and relax. I didn't leave work until six. I ate lunch at the office, only taking a bit over half of an hour. I headed to the break room late and had a 1:00 meeting. I'm not complaining, just telling you how it is.

But this is a post. You have to admit that. There may not be much thought behind it, but it is words arranged in a certain fashion.

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