January 1, 2019

Twenty Nineteen

Best wishes for the happiest of New Years. I'm late getting to the old blog this morning. I slept in very late. I'm not sure why, I had nary a drop of booze to mark the flipping of calendar pages. Not a beer, nothing, but I still slept like a hungover sailor on shore leave.

The wife and I went out for a steak then came home to watch a movie on Netflix. The wind howled around the eves and shook the siding. The rain had subsided. We switched over to network coverage and watched the ball drop in Times Square. I grabbed a willing kiss from my spouse and the old year was gone. Ho hum, another boring New Year celebration.

I'm glad to be healthy to start 2019. It was almost otherwise. Sunday I was putting boxes of outdoor decorations back into the attic. I have 10' ceilings in my garage. The stepladder is an eight-footer. I was on the next to top step of the ladder, shoving some boxes back to make room to climb into the opening. I must have twisted because I felt the ladder slip from beneath my feet as it fell sideways. I dropped through the hole like a cartoon character. Somehow I managed to reach out and catch myself on the attic entrance coping. I caught my full weight on my hands, hung for a second, slowing my fall, and dropped to the concrete floor. Like a cat, I managed to land on my feet.

My hand was scraped up. I managed to land square without twisting an ankle, but my right foot is very sore, bruised or sprained slightly.

I limped into the house and told the wife she was going to have to hold the ladder while I finished. Yes, shutting the proverbial barn door after the plow horse had absconded to eat oats and cozy up to the neighbor's in-heat mare. I told her what happened.

"Lucky you didn't tear up the drywall" was her comment.

"Lucky I didn't tear up me" was my my snarky reply.

She was irritated I snapped at her. I was irritated I did not get some sympathy.

So it goes.

Happy New Year.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Wow! I was almost nearly deprived of blog fodder to read!
Take better care of yourself!
and Happy New Year!

hey teacher... said...

To. Quote the great Sgt. Phil Esterhaus, “Hey, let’s be careful out there”.
And now for something completely different...
I was completely and utterly duped into attending my own surprise birthday party on the 31st. We were invited tree hopping to my wife sister’s house, as we are most years. My oldest child and his wife, also invited,” naw we’re just gonna stay home”. Middle child, I’m going over to Lauren’s. I’ll be back around 1”. Youngest child was already back in Indy for school. Magically, as I began descending the basement stairs of aforementioned sister in law’s home, the basement grew very quiet. It then erupted with the loud strains of Happy Birthday and I spied my three chrerubs grinning from ear to ear next my wife who was looking very pleased with herself on pulling off the charade. After opening several age related “gifts, we got down to some serious noshing and spirited conversation. Oh yeah, there were some lottery tickets in with the other stuff and I scratched off $35 in winners. All in all a great evening. Now, if I could just get ahold of all the pictures that were taken...
Hope you New Year starts out as well.

Joe said...

Sounds great. Best belated wishes for the happiest of birthdays!

Amol said...

Take care of that right foot, Joe :)
Happy New Year!

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