February 10, 2019

A pox on the DH

I went and got some donuts this morning. I'm drinking donut shop coffee -- the real kind. It was supposed to snow today, but so far it is just cloudy. I should go out and walk around the neighborhood before it starts snowing. I do need the exercise.

It is your fault I'm sitting in my recliner, drinking coffee, and belching donuts instead of burning calories. You clamor for more, more, more.

Oh wait, that is me and nookie.

Neither of us gets what we want.

I finished the older boy's taxes yesterday. He got whacked by the ObamaCare penalty. He says he can afford $600 from his tax refund than $200-300 a month for insurance. He just missed the exemption cut off.

Teams head to Spring Training this week. I'm ready. Now if we could just get the league to quit screwing with the rules. We don't need a pitch clock and we certainly have no desire to expand the Designated Hitter into the National League. If AL teams are at a disadvantage when it comes to playing under the real rules of baseball then they can scrap the DH.  Why is the discussion always that the NL must change? The DH is a plague. Anyone can manage a team with the DH in the lineup. It takes all strategy and planning from the game.

Help me off this soapbox, will you?

Enjoy your Sunday. I'm off to read your blogs and then maybe, just maybe, I'll take a walk.


Jan said...

The DH provides a new dimension to baseball that the pioneers of the game had never considered.

Joe said...

Why not have 9 hitting specialists and 9 defensive specialist then? Why stop at one?

Joe said...
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Joe said...

Starting in 2020. -- 2019 taxes

Jean said...

Does your son qualify for $0 insurance premiums?
I have that through Aetna as a supplement to my Medicare which costs me $135.50 taken out of my monthly SS benefit.

Joe said...

Ed sorry I deleted your comment accidentally

Jean he add about z$1000 too much

Joe said...

Sheesh. He made about $1000 too much

Someday I will learn to type

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