February 11, 2019

A mountain of words.

In March I will have been involved in this strange blogging hobby for -- count the fingers, take off the shoes, add back the one -- 14 years (2019 minus 2005). Math is hard for history majors.

Saturday's post marked post 6,301. That means in the approximately 5,100 days I have been writing, I have gifted you with with my wit, humor, and insight an average of 1.2 posts a day.

If you consider there are probably a few hundred words in every post, that equals...lots of words. Maybe more than a million. I don't know.  Remember -- history major. I only have ten fingers and ten toes for cripe's sake.

You are welcome.


glasslass said...


Ed Bonderenka said...

Ink stained wretch.

Scott said...

Your snippets of wisdom are always appreciated, Hoosierboy, if I may still call you that.

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