February 12, 2019

I have pictures to prove it

Here we are, day 2 of the second leg of the Great Travel with the Bosses road trip. This week we are in beautiful Mexico. I ain't complaining about daytime temps in the upper 70s. You wouldn't either.  Humidity is low. The food is good.

Tonight I tried Mexican caviar. It was ant eggs. Yes, you read that right. Huevos de hormigas. I've eaten worse stuff.

I'm ensconced on the fifth floor of my no name hotel in Santiago de Queretaro, north of Mexico City.  We will visit customers in the morning before zipping off to Monterrey in the afternoon. Another customer visit and I wing home via Houston. Thursday.

I will offer further reports Wednesday provided the hotel has a good Internet connection.

Buenas noches, amigos.


Cappy said...

Ant eggs. Mexican water.

The poops will be epic!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Your Mexican vocabulary seems to have increased by two words, to eight. Well done.

Joe said...

My Spanish vocabulary seems to come almost exclusively from menus.

I am surprised that while I understand nothing spoken, and can speak but the most badic basic words, I can read a lot of Spanish. I picked up a magazine in the lobby of the hotel and got the gist of a couple of articles. Strange.

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