February 23, 2019

It is OK, my Nikes didn't blow out and ruin my knee

The house is dark and quiet. My coffee is hot and black and really hits the spot this morning. Classic rock plays quietly in the background as I sit in the recliner in my home office. The sun has yet to peek above the horizon beyond the big willow in my backyard. A day of rain is in the forecast. I can just hear the cardinal that nests in the tree sing morning greetings to the new day.

We went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with my granddaughter yesterday. We all had fun. The little one wore herself out. I don't think anything special is on tap for today.

I read this morning where a gay advocacy magazine is condemning Trump for speaking out against countries with anti-homosexual policies like Iran, calling his position racist. Yes, we have come to the point where liberals support regimes that execute gay people over the current President.  I'm starting to believe liberalism really is a mental disease.

The Venezuelan military opened fire on protesters during a food riot. Will Bernie and AOC finally admit that the dream socialist state is a failure?

The Cubs start their first spring training games today. I may watch if it is on television. I don't know, spring training baseball is nearly as bad as pre-season football. I will let you know. Except I won't. You don't care and I'm good with that.

My coffee mug needs a refill. That seems a good point to end this non-engrossing essay. You are getting that vacant look in your eyes my wife gets when I start telling her an "interesting" historical fact.

I think I last owned a pair of Nike shoes in the 1990s. Alleged manufacturing defects likely will not derail my playing career.

Enjoy your Saturday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm off to find a link to that story.

Cappy said...

You knew it would come to Islam vs. Gay, and you knew that Gay would fold like a cheap suit

Joe said...
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Joe said...



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