March 5, 2019

It is too cold for that

Happy Tuesday, and Fat Tuesday at that. I won't be celebrating, mostly because it is not a tradition in my family or community. Besides, it way too cold for a parade. The only way a nubile young lady could show off her nekkid breasties for a handful of beads around here today is if we waited while she took off her layers of winter clothing. Who has time to wait for that?

Well I do.

Still, the current windchill is -3 and at my age I'm not standing in the cold to see anyone naked, not even Flashdance era Jennifer Beals or Raquel Welch in her KC Bomber glory. Heck, I would even forgo a nekkid Ester Williams in this kind of frigid weather.

Yes, it is that cold.

Have a great Tuesday.


Jean said...

You make me chuckle.
You'd be out there in a heartbeat for any one of those beauties.
Yes you would.

Joe said...

I amuse myself a lot around here

glasslass said...

Esther William, a blast from the past. She still swimming?

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