March 3, 2019

The coming hottest ever ice age or something

I was metaphorically scratching my head last week after I visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I was wandering around the dinosaur area, looking at the fossils when I ran across a display detailing where some of the specimens were found. There was a map describing how much of the Midwest was a shallow sea and the east coast and parts of Florida were also submerged. It was interesting stuff that I had previously learned when I was a young impressionable mush brained child at Samuel P. Kyger Elementary. In other words, this inland sea stuff is pretty much accepted as fact.

Imagine my surprise when the very next day I read an article warning of the dire consequences of climate change and discussing the current "unprecedented" rise in sea levels.

Forgive me, but once again hearkening back to my education at Samuel P. Kyger, "unprecedented" means "never happened before". Somebody is lying. I do not think we need to grab our pitchforks and torches and march down Illinois Street to force the museum to fix an inaccurate display. No, I think it is the fear mongering climateeers who prevaricate.

These same pants-on-fire chicken littles also try to tell us it is hotter than ever while in the same breath the daily weather records for "warmest days" show it was hotter in the 1930s and colder in the 19th century. If the last decade or so was "the warmest evah" wouldn't some of those records be of more recent vintage? I will not even get into the temperatures during the middle ages when historical and archaeological evidence points to a climate significantly warmer than current temperatures.

The problem is these "inconvenient truths" get in the way of the climateer's real agenda -- Marxism for all. What, don't believe me? If you can explain how universal health care and a guaranteed income help save the planet from climate change, I will post an apology every day for a year accompanied by a picture of naked me in thigh high stockings and a corset. Lest you think I'm making up stuff, both of those topics are featured in the Democrat Party's Green New Deal to fight Climate Change.

I think we should do all we can to protect the environment. Let's just not pretend some of this stuff is workable or even desirable. Wake up, the coffee smells delicious.


B said...

Thanks for the mental picture. And here I was gonna eat in the next 12 hours.

Cappy said...

Everyone I don't like is literally Hitler.

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