March 1, 2019

Lying groundhog

The weather lady says we are going to have crappy weather again this weekend followed by very cold temps early next week. Sigh. I'm ready for spring. It is coming. It won't arrive today, not even "officially" as the news anchor declared last night. Official "calendar" spring begins March 20. Real spring with flowers and stuff will arrive in mid -April. I know this; that dang groundhog is no more accurate than the weather lady on the TV.

I meant to talk about something besides the weather. Heck if I can remember. This blog would probably be far more interesting and successful if I actually planned what to write. This sit in the recliner and just start typing method isn't working. And an editor, I need an editor. I also need a proofreader. A hot one in a low cut top. Female too. A sweaty dude showing off his hairy pecs in a V-neck is not what I envision. You have to be specific when you are throwing idle wishes out there. Haven't you watched TV? Oh, and to stop typing "tne" in place of "the".

Yes, all I need is an editor, proofreader, and content and I would have a blog you would want to read. And money. I would like to have a fat bank account. It has nothing to do with blogging, but it would be nice.

Re-reading this tripe, I note that what I really need is a few more sentence fragments. And less sarcasm. See my thoughts on an editor.

You get this instead. The blogging budget is stretched as far as possible already at "free". I don't charge you for this collection of words. I'd say you are getting what you paid for around here. Whaddya want for nothing? Rubber Biscuit.

1 comment:

Ed Bonderenka said...

Rubber Biscuit. Perfect.
And no editor would have left that in.
I always do teh not tne.
Why doesn't word auto-correct that?

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