March 2, 2019

A common sense approach to pretty much every political issue you can imagine

Here we are on yet another Saturday morning. I have been up for a while, since around 5:30. I don't know why. You probably do not know either. I'm on my second mug of coffee.

In my opinion, I have offered up my best blog posts on Saturday mornings. Yes, I know that statement is relative. This effort will not be of that category. It's OK. I am well aware I'm in a blogging funk.

I'm also cognizant that I often resort to self-deprecating humor. I once had a boss who was offended by this tendency. He didn't get it. Sarcasm also went over his head. Of course this is the same guy who advised me to read from a script for sales calls. Not because I wasn't very good in front of customers, but because that is what he needed to do by us own admission. He was the living embodiment of the Peter Principle.

I'm no political scientist. (note: we are on to a new topic. You have to keep up. Note for the note: this blog is pretty much a conversation between us, a one-sided affair to be sure, but what you get here is just like hanging out with me. Note for the note for the other note: you might now understand why I have so few friends). What were we talking about?

I'm no political scientist, but it seems in the last election Democrats claimed Hillary lost because "racist" white people crawled out of their crappy meth lab mobile homes and voted for Trump in an opioid-addicted haze. I'm still not sure how voting for one white skinned person over another white skinned person is racist, but let's go along with the theory for a moment. Can anyone explain why several leading Democrat Presidential hopefuls are calling for reparations for slavery? I would think singling out one race for special treatment at the expense of another would cause a whole lot of resentment. Isn't the Reparations thing just an invitation for more racist KKKers to get out the vote for Trump yet again?

I won't even get into the idiocy of paying people for a harm visited on their great-great-great grandfathers a century and a half ago. If you have a good argument in favor, please by all means offer it up in the comments. I promise to be respectful of your obviously wrong and poorly reasoned opinion.

My great-great grandfather became sick while in the Union Army during the War to Free the Slaves and was reportedly never the same afterward. Perhaps my family should sue all of the former slaves for harm he received serving on their behalf?

In all seriousness, I have written here before that I am in favor of offering ten million US dollars to every single ex-slave held in bondage within what was part of the Confederacy before the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865. That ex-slave must present his claim in person.

I think we can all agree on that proposal.


Ed Bonderenka said...

So you got up at 5:30, posted at 7:46.
And your only on your second cup of cofefve?

Joe said...

I was on my third by the time I hit publish

glasslass said...

Reparations needs to be defined. 1) What is the maximum mount to be given 2)Provide proof that your direct maternal/paternal grandparent was a slave. 3)What % of Black are you? So if you are 37% Black do you only receive 37% of the payout? 4)If you or your parents are immigrants after 1865 you would not qualify. 5)Who came up with this stupid idea?

Study done prior to 2000 showed that only about 5/7% of Black people in America was fully African-American. All else has had DNA diluted. The co-hosts on The Five at Fox had their DNA done and Jesse Watters was 5% Black which shocked him as his immediate family was completely unaware. So would he then qualify?

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