March 18, 2019

Monday Memories

The wife took me to see John Wayne in "The Quiet Man" last night at a local movie theater. It marks, as far as I can remember, the first time I have seen The Duke on the big screen. I enjoyed every minute of it. I have seen the movie countless times. It remains, outside of "Big Jake", my favorite John Wayne movie. I think he was far better in this John Ford classic than in "True Grit".

The theater shows a classic film every Sunday and Wednesday. The wife does not share my love for old movies (she loves movies though, just not old ones). In a couple of weeks they will screen the tale of Jake and Elwood Blues. She will go with me to that one.

In other news one of the greatest guitarist died over the weekend:

RIP Dick Dale

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Dan O. said...

The only John Wayne films I remember seeing on the big screen are The Cowboys and The Green Berets. Both at a drive-in when I was a wee lad. (there's some Irish speak in honor of the past St. Paddy's day).

Also, love me some Dick Dale.RIP

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