April 13, 2019

Powering through the ennui

The big willow is busting out in leaves. I suppose that is an indication spring is upon us.

Should I tell you about my recent vacation? Do you care? Do you get to vote? Since I am Blog King here at FiI, I will answer those questions for you in order: why not, probably not, and absolutely not. You may now genuflect while I refill my coffee mug in perpetration of sharing my adventure. You might want to grab a cup o' Joe yourself. I don't mind.

It was cold and gloomy and damp as we left NOLA on a Sunday afternoon. Originally the wife and I planned to spend time wandering the old city, sipping hurricanes and seeing the sights. Heavy downpours and cold weather nixed that notion before we even started the drive from God's favorite State.

The 40-something temps cooled the party atmosphere and the traditional celebration moved into the lobby of the big ship. I crept out onto the upper deck fantail and snapped a few pics of the wake and the New Orleans skyline in the distance.

Edit. Were I a good travelogue host I would insert relevant pictures here and there throughout this tale. I'm not and won't. Look, I could promise I will provide photographic evidence as soon as I get the images loaded on the laptop...we both know that isn't gonna happen. Heck, I don't know which I find more surprising, you are still reading or that I am still writing. Are you still reading? Let me know in the comments how far you got before deciding this is boring unreadable tripe. Anyway, expecting images in what will be a way too wordy essay is asking too much.

We wandered the ship before heading off to our windowless stateroom to unpack and get ready for the ample, but not extraordinary dinner followed by a night in the comedy club.

Monday dawned cloudy and cool. I sauntered down very early for breakfast, snagged a couple of deck chairs and read in the weak sun. It warmed as the day progressed. We sunned by the pool, sipped a couple of umbrella drinks and life was good. I retired to the smoking section on deck 11 and burned a couple of hand rolled stogies. In the evening we had dinner, variety shows and comedy.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. Sun, frozen umbrella drinks, show, comedy. The weather was perfect.

Wednesday found us in Montego Bay. We bussed into the jungle where we rode a series of zip lines followed by a tubing trip down the river where our guide served out paper cups of rum. Lunch was jerked chicken grilled on the spot. Back to the ship for dinner, show, comedy. Awesome day in a third world paradise.

Thursday morning we anchored just off Grand Cayman Island. A transport tender took us to shore where we boarded a smaller boat to Stingray City, a sandbar famous for the number of the flat fishes that hang out there. The sea was rough. The water was waist deep but occasional waves were higher than my head but the stingrays didn't mind. We then went to a beach for lunch and sun.back on the big ship we did the normal routine.

Friday found us in Cozumel. We snorkeled in the warm clear water then sailed on a catamaran to a private beach for sun, burgers and "free" beer and margaritas. Back on the big ship we did what we had done all week.

Saturday was a repeat of Monday and Tuesday. We had an extra frozen umbrella drink or two and the day was enjoyed with a hint of sadness that the wonderful trip was coming to a close. We skipped the early comedy show to pack, caught the late one and set the alarm for an early wake up. back in NOLA we jumped in the SUV and set off for home. Sadly, our early 35th anniversary trip was over.

So is this way-to-long tale.


Jan said...

Looking forward to photos to verify that this all really happened.

glasslass said...

No photo's, drat. Dear brother n sil take lots of pictures and we ooh and ahh over them to show how much we luv them for all of 27 seconds. And my brother takes a cruise a year. So lots of pic's. Still reading so keep writing.

hey teacher... said...

I’m only here for the “free” beer.

Jean said...

I'm glad you both had a grand time.
I'm here for the "free" margarita.

Joe said...

The margaritas were pretty weak

The beer here at FiI will be Yeungling this week. While it lasts.

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