June 1, 2019

A tax is a tax no matter what you call it

Happy Saturday. It seems to be a fine day, albeit a bit cool. It will rain later. Of course it will.

The kitchen sink has developed a drip. Since the ground floor is open - the family room and kitchen are not separated by walls - I can hear the drip drip drip 💧 every few minutes. It looks like some plumbing is in my very near future.  Hooray for me.

In other news, nada. Things are boring. I could complain about stuff but who wants to read that?

To delve just a bit into politics, you do understand that the shipping country doesn’t pay a tariff? These import taxes on Chinese and now Mexican goods are not levied on the producing country. The tariff is paid when the goods enter the States. That means you and I are paying them through higher prices. The one proposed for Mexico will hurt right at the grocery store. Where do you think that early spring produce comes from?

Why do you think the Bostonians heaved that tea off the ships into the harbor? Because the tax was due if it came through customs. That is what customs is — tax collection. Border Control is a different function.

I know I’m in a minority in opposing these tariffs over here on the right. Maybe I should work for an American company and it won’t matter so much? Unfortunately I have spent my life selling parts for vehicles of all sorts, from ag to construction to forklift to big truck to autos and there is not one of those without an international presence. If you think a tariff will result in factories springing up in the heartland in the next few months you are spending too much time down at the local head shop. It doesn’t work that way.

The same politicians want more union jobs will throw so many roadblocks, regulations, and permits to actually build a factory that it takes years to get a new venture up and running. Oh, then the union does everything possible to keep jobs, not keep the employer profitable. Yeah, business exists to make money, not create jobs.

Exit soapbox.

How about a little music to mellow things out?

I hope you have a great Saturday


Anonymous said...

I really wonder about most people's ability to think logical. If there was logical thought, I do not see how most people could support the current executive branch. I am begining to believe everyone are frogs, and until this pot is in a rolling boil, most feel the water is just fine.

Anonymous said...

Or they are just 'ho's that don't care who is screwing them as long as they get a buck.

Ed Bonderenka said...

We have a caller into our radio show that has always opposed tariffs.
Until now. Now is different.
They are the only tool we have to modify behavior of sovereign states.
And I support that.
And Anonymous? Give some facts.
You don't like the improved economy? Say so.
You don't like the support for Israel? Say so.
I'm not a frog or a whore.
I'm an American citizen.
With a real name.

Joe said...

Outside of tariffs I pretty much agree with everything Trump has done. If by “disaster” you mean low unemployment good economy lower taxes securing the border constitutional minded judges and reduced regulations then I suspect you also hate ice cream and birthday cake

I’m not alone, Trump’s approval rating is pushing 50%. What was St Obama’s at this point?

Anonymous said...

Bulging national debt, underemployment, tax free for the rich, and that is what I mean by 'hos. You people see short term gains and are not seeing the tsunami of crap rolling behind it. Don't worry you will. Maybe. Though I doubt thru your hero worshipping glazed over eyeballs. St trump could kill someone just like he said and what you would here was " but our good economy"

Anonymous said...

Hear not here. Stupid spellcheck.

Anonymous said...

I personally pay more after the Trump tax cut and I am very low middle class.
I also work for a very rich family who gives gobs of money to charity and pays huge amounts of tax.
You are talking out your ass or repeating what you heard on tv.
Patti from California

Anonymous said...

Ask Warren Buffett. Patti, check your own rear.

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