July 27, 2019

A bubble of my own making

4:17. Aye em. Sigh. I slipped on the khaki shorts and the green  Columbia T-shirt I wore yesterday. I pulled the bedroom door closed softly and bumbled down the stairs. Meds were duly swallowed while the Keurig peed coffee into my favorite cup. Back upstairs I settled into my leather desk chair, leaned back and propped my feet on the right corner of the desk. I told the Echo to play music I like, and she is. I've never tried that command before. I read some news and political blogs and here we are, caught up on my day so far in minute detail. Ho hum, ho hum.

I'm suffering through a bit of he old ennui these days. I am just coasting along in life. I can't get riled up about politics. The other side has taken positions I find so outlandish I think it must be a secret joke I am just not in on. No one can really be so crazy to think getting rid of air travel is reasonable. The snowflake environment where politicians are actually looking to ban speech they don't like is so foreign I cannot fathom it. Didn't their moms tell them all about sticks and stones and words when they were kids? I will not even get into the unworkable economic policies and the concept of erasing borders and national identity. Doesn't anyone care about the national debt? A difference in opinion isn't hate and it sure isn't instant racism.

"Imagine" was just a song for goodness sake.

I went for a long walk yesterday and just listened to music. I usually tune in to history podcasts or sometimes an audiobook. I found it soothing to do something different. I didn't want to think at all. I watched a Christmas RomCom on the Hallmark Channel last night. WTH? I really think I've lost it. I just don't want to do anything. I chalk it up to mild depression, summertime blues, no money flu and the road woes of the damn Cubs.

On the plus side it gives me the ability to write lots of meaningless words of complaint here.

Aren't you glad you stopped by on this fine Saturday?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Good. It's not just me.

Jan said...

I think you affirm what a lot of us feel. Politics used to be kind of fun.

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