July 26, 2019

Easy summer pasta salad

I spent a good chunk of yesterday doing yard work. I am a little stiff this morning.

I had a 'mater from my garden for breakfast this morning. The plants are ripening slowly this year. They better hurry up, the way things are going those plants may be supplying our food pretty soon.

I'm getting worried about the job situation. I've had one interview. Nothing else looks promising in the near-term. I've even applied for factory worker jobs. I fear it is like last time, I can't get hired for lower paying jobs because they know I will leave as soon as something better comes along.

That's enough of the poor me stuff.

We continue to have a spate of perfect summer weather. I can't believe some schools start already next week, most the week after. Kids go into early June before break and head back in late July.or the beginning of August. That is not much time off to be a kid.

Some of my fondest memories are from the long summer months on vacation from school.

On the other hand I was just complaining yesterday that kids are getting dumber.

The grandkids are on vacation so the wife is not working. We might head off to watch the Colts practice today. It don't cost nuthin'.

I guess you did not care for my Great Battles Cliff Notes post. I was thought I might make that a regular feature. I may have to reconsider my plans.


Practical Parsimony said...

Good luck on the job hunt.

Jan said...

Cliff deserves to be memorialized.

Jean said...

I thought I left a clever 'tres bien' comment. oops. Sorry.
You're always good at making history interesting.

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