July 14, 2019

Decisions, decisions

I will have the house to myself today.  The wife is heading off with our daughter and grandkids to have lunch with the female side of the wife's family. I'm not sure what I will do while they are in Purdueville. There is plenty I should do, like yard work, cleaning, or washing the car, for instance. There will also be be a ball game on. That Jack Reacher book needs to be read. Will I regret it if I skip that nap?  If you let those Zs get away you never get them back, it is a known fact. I could even take a walk or enjoy a cigar. Those last activities are better later in the evening as the heat of the day dissipates. I could go to a museum or walk in one of the wooded parks in the area. I could motor down to SoBro and see the boy's new place.  I could go to the store and get something for supper.

Yeah, the Cubs and a nap seem about right. Who knows, without my butt parked on it the couch might float away in a strange anti-gravity phenomenon. We must avoid that at all costs.

1 comment:

Practical Parsimony said...

I make sure the sofa never floats away, I was voting for the nap.

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