July 15, 2019

We are not even pretending you can keep your plan if you like it

The granddaughter arrived this morning in ao great mood. At her insistence we moseyed out to look at her garden. We picked the second ripe tomato of the season. Like the first, it is a bit puny. Somewhere between a golf ball anda handball, it will get us about enough for a small sandwhich. I don't care. I love fresh garden 'maters. I have already harvested a half dozen jalapeƱos.  A couple of green peppers are growing and we will have dozens of cucumbers.

When oh when will the mythical "they" take away Trump's twitter account. Why hadn't he figured out the press will twist anything he writes to make him look bad.

When we were birthing kids, I took every name my wife liked and told her how the kids would abuse it on the playground--Nick the Dick, etc. Someone needs to do that with every tweet the Trumpster spits out. How can these words be used to make the President look bad?  Admittedly, the Orange One does not need much help to make his tweeter feed reflect badly.

I'm still trying to follow the Democrat logic with their absolute hysterics over the weekend ICE raids. The people targeted were illegals who have ACTIVE DEPORTATION ORDERS. This is not Jose here to make his family a better life by working at Subway or stapling shingles on a roof. These are people who had their day in court and were ordered to leave the country by a real judge in a real courtroom with attorneys provided by you and I. "Criminals" I think is the correct technical term.

Is fighting for criminals and open borders a winning issue for 2020?

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