July 19, 2019

Even my jalapeño peppers think its too hot

It is hot. I bet it is at your house too.

I'm babysitting later today. As in the grand baby. The wife is taking our granddaughter to the pool to join with a thousand other people looking to cool off. I will take care of the baby. Inside. Where it is air conditioned. It should be fun. The baby doesn't like me much. She starts crying within a couple of minutes when I pick her up.

She must be a liberal. She is around me two minutes and starts whining and crying.

Badda boomp.

Seriously, unless I am feeding her, she cries when I pick her up. Either she will get used to me or it will be a long afternoon for both of us. We will just cry until we fall asleep. I don't know who will take care of the baby after that happens...

I know, you didn't come here for this drivel. You want jokes. You want Friday Music.

Sure you do.

Honest, I know these things

A nice summer tune.

Have a great Friday

1 comment:

Jean said...

We have no AC. Went to see The Lion King and then out to dinner just to get out of the heat.

This song was Magnum P.I.'s favorite song. I love it, too.

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