July 20, 2019

Hitchhiking on Memory Lane

I moseyed out to the little garden to give the plants a big drink before the heat really cranks up this morning. I brought in one little tomato. I planted late so I should not be surprised the fruit is slow to ripen.

I got along pretty well baby sitting yesterday. There was a bout forty minutes of crying, but the baby was asleep.

Nope, I'm not above a cheap joke.

I was reading old stuff from my archives the other day. I was hunting something, OK? Anyway, guess what? It was hot in past Julys too!

Think on this, in February the wind chill was -25F. Yesterday, the heat index was 105F. If my history major math is correct...carry the one...that is a 130 swing in temperature in just a few months. I've said it before, Man's adaptability is amazing. That is just one reason why we are the top predator. We can hunt our food , grow our food, eat nearly anything, survive extreme heat and cold, live in environments as diverse as swamps and tundra. And we are smart enough to invent furnaces and air conditioners.

Sorry, animals will have equal rights when they invent agriculture.

I digress. From what, I am not sure.

We are off to our friends' to sit in the pool sipping beer and smoking fine hand-rolled stogies this afternoon. Well that is what I will be doing. The wife will gossip. Everyone will relax and have some great laughs.

Ain't that what life is about?

I may have some short term problems, but the Good Lord has blessed me in so many ways.

I hope you have a great Saturday.

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Jan said...

"animals will have equal rights when they invent agriculture."
Must steal this -- with a footnote if I remember'

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