July 16, 2019

Maybe Barry can wash the car too

Barry is stopping by for a few days to leave a little wet spot on the streets and rapidly-browning front yards. It is OK, despite the very wet and long-lingering spring, it has been very dry and summer-like of late. Frankly I'm tired of watering the garden and flowers. Barry can do it for a day or three.

The "America is great, let's change everything about it" crowd is still in hysterics about Trump. The thing is, Donald could start parroting their political positions and the leftists would have issues with his stance. They hate him that much. We were supposed to be in a leftward trajectory forever after Obama. A bunch of rednecks went and ruined everything.

What do I know? Perhaps higher taxes, open borders and free stuff for everyone not a racist old white guy is a winning formula. On the other hand the Gracci begat the Empire, so you just never know. Say, how is your 401K doing?


Jan said...

Vincennes-Columbus-Sullivan-Terre Haute-Bloomington-Indianapolis-LaPorte. Then Michigan-Iowa-Ohio and now California.

I pretend you are a clever friend from days of yore and now you are a daily read.

Please keep blogging.

Joe said...

You are well travelled

Thanks for the kind words

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