July 30, 2019

Money for Nothing

Monday, Monday, Monday!  Oh. Tuesday. Never mind. Here I was all set to offer up some enthusiasm for a new week, but it just rings hollow when it is a Tuesday.

Where the heck did Monday get to anyway?

The herd o' Commies know as Democrat Presidential Candidates will be debating tonight and tomorrow. Each will vie to see who can take the most money from you and I and our grandkids to give to other people. Some of the top Dems think it is a just fantastic idea to punish people with one skin color by taking heir money and giving it to people with a different skin color.

I know how that sounds, but I am assured by the people who constantly tell me they are way smart that that is not racist at all. In fact it is racist of me to hate the idea of reparations.

Yes, people who never owned slaves are expected to pay people who never were slaves. Good news, other people of color like Hispanics, Asians, or Native Americans get to pay one select group too!

Don't fret, since we will no longer have borders everybody is gonna get somethin'.  Don't pay any attention to the guy pulling levers behind that curtain labeled "Venezuela".  All of those other countries who tried the whole Jacobin thing just didn't do it right. Today's crop of geniuses like AOC won't screw it up. Besides, there will likely be special summer camps where the recalcitrant Adam Smithers like me can get re-educated, get our minds right.

I'm gonna hate it when the leftists take over. I like good toilet paper and the levellers seem to always have a shortage of toilet paper. Oh, and luxuries like bread. And meat.

Gee, it is gonna be great.


Cappy said...

Hang out with Velociman and Fuzzy Curmudgeon during Arts and Crafts at camp?

Practical Parsimony said...

You wrongly think all Dems are leftists.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You wrongly think all Dems are leftists.


Sorry, I nearly did myself an injury. Of course all Dems are leftists. They are differentiated only by the degree of leftardness [sic] they exhibit. There are hard, center, and soft leftists just as there are hard, center, and soft conservatives.

But the Democratic Party is without doubt a party of the Left.

On the other hand, so is most of the GOP, anymore.

Joe said...

PP, Reagan famously quipped that he did not leave tne Democrat Party, it left him. You may not be a leftist, but your party sure is.

Which candidate running forvPresident is not? Based on tne last two debates it seems tne policy is open borders, government run healthcare, reparations, forgiveness of college debt/free college, and higher taxes for EVERYONE.

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