August 30, 2019

Time to make the Donuts

We find ourselves cruising this Friday into a long holiday weekend. It looks like we will have decent weather. Or not. It depends on which weather app/newscast you choose. It's a good thing the models don't agree 72 hours out, otherwise I might not believe what they predict 72 years from now.

I fried up some canned biscuit dough donuts this morning with the granddaughter. She made the holes and formed the donuts.  I manned the hot oil and sugar coating stations. We were a good team. She ate three of the finished goods!

I had a phone interview earlier in the week for a job that fits me well. I will learn if I move forward next week. If you care to, I could use a few prayers. This is about he only thing I have going. I'm getting very worried.

I'm not going to let life get in the way of living, though. My brain worries enough all night. I will try to use this time to enjoy my grandgirls and wife. Sulking in my office 10 hours a day does nothing positive.

Enjoy your Friday.


Jean said...

Wishing you well with the new opportunity.

Practical Parsimony said...

Hope it works out for you. I am trying to enjoy living with life beating me up.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Best wishes, Joe.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Been there, done that.
More than once.
You are in my prayers and have been.
You will make it.
God has this.

Cheryl said...

Prayers Joe.

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