September 14, 2019

A post that starts off boring and gets worse from there

I haven't posted much this week. My son was here for a few days and it was great to see him. He arrived safely back in Colorado late yesterday afternoon.

He and one of his roommates left Monday for the drive to Indiana, arriving sometime in the wee hours. We left the  front door unlocked, the alarm off, and our bedroom door open, figuring we would hear him when he came in. Nope, I woke at 5:30 Tuesday morning to find his car parked in front and the doors to the two spare bedrooms closed.

Come on in cat burglars, we will sleep right through it. Sheesh.

Now I know why I have locks, alarms and cameras.

No good news on the job front, in fact it is bad news. The one hot lead has fizzled and there is nothing imminent on the horizon. We are getting by day to day, but the mortgage company won't wait forever. I have tried for factory jobs, but have been rejected as over-qualified. They say I will quit when something better comes along (yes). Part time retail pays less than unemployment and I cannot get full time because then they have to give me benefits -- thanks Obama. I might have to sell cars or insurance, Two things I swore I would never do.

Enough complaining.

Today is my beautiful daughter's xx birthday. We are going to watch the girls while they have a day on the town (after soccer). We are hoping they can sleep over. Other than that, we have no plans.

I tried to post some Friday music yesterday, but the selection wouldn't play. So it goes.

Have a great Saturday.

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Jean said...

Sorry the job search is disappointing.
Glad your weekend was full of family love.

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