September 13, 2019

Dem Debate Analysis

Now on to the real stuff: the Democat clown car debates.

Don't care, didn't watch.

That won't keep me from summing the whole thing in a few words:

White people suck
Trump bad
Tax tax tax
Spend spend spend
The Earth is gonna kill us unless we pass universal basic income and drive electric cars
Guns very bad

But white people really really suck

Good luck grabbin' those guns Beto Francis.


Jan said...

You pretty much covered it except for the cat fights

hey teacher... said...

No where near as entertaining as the Cheetoh and Friends Show from 4 years ago.

Joe said...

I didn't watch those either

How was the big world tour?

hey teacher... said...

Thanks for asking. Totally and utterly fantastic! Art, architecture and food were all amazing, and the people were all friendly and helpful. Not a bad experience at all, ( except for losing my passport and credit cards for 1 1/2 hours but that too turned out ok and is a great story by itself). I took over 4,500 photos and that was mainly so I could remember specific artworks I saw. After 19 days of dawn to dusk zoom, zoom, zoom I was ready to come home but if somebody handed me the tickets I’d be on the plane this afternoon. Big thank you to all who take drugs made by Eli Lilly cuz you helped pay for the trip. Your daughter really needs to look into this fellowship program for teachers & admin.

Joe said...

I didnt mention it here, but my daughter was promoted to principal this year in an IPS school. Not bad for a girl who just turned 33 yesterday.

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