September 8, 2019

Bringing back the China Clipper

Here we are on a Sunday morning. This is historically my chatty day here on the old blog. I don't know why I find it easier to write on the Sabbath. It is a mystery. The good news for you is you can click away whenever you want with a TLDR smirk. It is OK, I have no way of knowing.

Well, I do, but it is not worth the effort to see who bothers to wade through my extemporaneous typing. I'm just thankful you bother to stop by.

I did not watch the Democrat's "Here is how we destroy the economy" climate round table on TV the other night. Apparently no one outside of reporters did either. According to news sources, each panalist advocated ridding the country of about 90% of our energy producing capability -- coal, gas, fracking, and nuclear. That leaves wind and solar, both dependant on fickle nature. Boy, that sounds like a great idea. I always wanted to live in the Middle Ages, no pesky electricity to ruin my view of the stars.

All think we should be forced to drive electric cars. Do they understand electric cars need electricity to charge up? Do they realize sometimes people need to drive more than 300 miles and stopping for 8 hours or so to charge up might not be convenient? And how are we supposed to get there when airplanes are banned if we cannot fly? I suppose we will ride the non-existent  trains. Oh wait, they need fuel too.

On a more practical matter, how do these Luddites plan on cultivating fields and transporting goods with only battery power? The same people who decry Trump's Tariffs want to force us to transport our Chinese goods via, I don't know, sailboat I guess? It is time to bring back the venerable China Clipper. What? Sorry, it takes massive amounts of energy to manufacture goods and we will need all we can generate from wind and sun just to power our mandated electric cars. We will have to get our "stuff" from nations  not looking to commit economic suicide.

If you read the real deep accounts of the climate change summit, you will see it is not really about climate, it is about social and economic "justice". In fact, the phrase "climate justice" was bandied about like it was a real thing. I know that "justice" is code for forcibly taking money from one group and giving it to another. Somehow, we are to believe people of color and the poor will be screwed by catastrophic climate change more than white people. Funny, I never thought Mother Nature really cared about our skin color outside of burning white skin if we are out in the sun too long. Should we call sunburn "Black Privilege?

But then I mistakenly learned than skin color is like eye or hair color, just genetics. I must of had a crappy education.

I don't know, it seems to me that if you automatically assume whitey has an advantage and darker colored skin is a disadvantage you are echoing the trope pedaled by the John Calhouns of the antebellum South.

I prefer to think we are born equal and you have to fight and claw to make the most of life.

I'm screwed up like that.


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Practical Parsimony said...

Fracking is horrible for many reasons. Seriously, you do know we are not all born equal?

Dems and reps alike have idiots in their midst.

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