October 12, 2019

Answering the bell 6,500 times

I'm still breathing, alive, and well. I haven't posted much this week due to a lack of stuff to say.

Hard to believe, ain't it? I guess I've run out of nonsense filler material after 6,500 posts. Yes, readers this is post 6,500. Even if my efforts have been sporadic of late, that is still averaging more than 30 a month, provided my history math is correct. No wonder I am running out of entertaining material.

Like much of the country, fall has arrived in full force and with speed. Temperatures dropped about 30 degrees in a few hours as wind whipped a cold rain yesterday evening. Highs will be in the fifties today.

As far as I know we have no plans for today. We are watching the grandgirls for a bit this evening. Tomorrow we are off to a gathering of the wife's family. We will have to make some food for that.

There is nothing new on the job front. Lots of applications, little to no response. One prospect looks promising but it is still weeks away. I've applied for factory work and warehouse positions. They look at my resume and say "Nope" either because I'm 57 or they know I will leave when something better comes along. I think the "57" thing is my biggest problem landing a job. I'm not sure what to do about it.

Enough on that. You didn't come here to read my gripes. I hope not anyway.

I'm watching the NBA do flips and turns to stay in the ChiComs good graces without exposing their rank hypocrisy to the locals here in the States.

I read with incredulity an article this morning where an elementary school kid in Kansas has been charged with felonies for pointing a finger gun at fellow students. Ponder on that. Fingers. Felony.

Some people claim they are woke, but it sure seems they are more comfortable cowering in bed with the blankets over their head.

I guess it is just not only the job market where my age has put me out of step. I don't get society and culture any more either.


hey teacher... said...

The middle schooler was asked during a class discussion , if you could pick 5 people to kill in this class who would they be? She made the gun fingers at 5 students and pulled the trigger.sent to the office and a police officer made the decision to arrest without school input. 1. Teacher needs to explain what the hell kind of discussion is going on in their class. 2. Any discussions between students/school personnel /cop should have been recorded and students in class interviewed before any arrest was made. At this point I say 1-2 days in school suspension but certainly not felony charges nor slap on wrist and “ don’t do that again”.
I’m guessing there is some history with the student. Teacher needs to turn in their lesson plans 3 days before class so they can be screened for stupidity. Is your daughter still a princiPAL . I be curious to hear her thoughts.
Just to be clear, to all the folks out there in Hoosierboy Land, the students you went to middle school with aren’t the students in middle school now.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I remember being in my 50s and unemployed and I thought it was the end of the world. I was scared.
It took a while, but I got a good one.
That was 15 years and 5 jobs ago.
Praying for you.

Practical Parsimony said...

My friend lost the second job he ever had when he was 52. He applied but never got anything in his field. That was 13 years ago. However, he is not very aggressive. Let me explain. He graduated from college as engineer. When that company replaced him with computers, he immediately go another job. When the owner committed suicide, that company closed. So, he went to temp work and then stayed at Sam's club for 11 years until his site closed. Then, he retired.

I did not mean for this to be a bummer comment. You seem to be a different type person.

glasslass said...

My children were born in the middle 60's an played Cowboys and Indians and Cops and Robbers with cap pistols and play guns. Why and how did that generation not grow up to be mass murders? School shooters? The biggest problem in the 70's when they were in school were hair picks. Go figure.

Scott said...

Age discrimination is alive and well. I think one thing that happens is that the people who make the hiring decisions are younger, and they tend to hire people in their age groups. Sad because it leaves so many highly productive folks on the sideline. A lot of experience is left untapped. Good luck, Joe

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