October 13, 2019

I find the study of metal fasteners riveting

It is a chilly 39 outside. Inside it is still chilly at 64. I am resisting turning on the furnace. I suspect the wife will turn it on this evening anyway. She thinks she is in equal control around here.

It is not a 50/50 power share.

She probably is in more control because I want to make her happy. Except for the TV. I generally control it.

The local professional football squad is off today. We are heading off for a get-together of the wife's family. It will be nice. I generally like my wife's kin, now that the one blow-hard jerk of a brother-in-law has been divorced and banished. We rarely see her family outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't see my family enough either.

When discussing stuff that leaves me confused yesterday, I neglected to comment on the parents suing a video game manufacturer because their sons, 10 and 14 have become addicted to video games. Have these parents never heard of telling the kids "no" long before addiction set in? I don't think Fortnight is like meth, where you can get hooked after the first hit. Unplug the machine. Throw it away. Give the little boogers a book. You are the parents, act like it.

I'm off to get the ingredients for a dessert to take.

You are off to find something more entertaining. Boy, I sure hope you are anyway.

Have a great Sunday.

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Practical Parsimony said...

At midnight one Friday night, I heard music, concert music. I needed sleep because I had to be at an 9 am all day class in Auburn. I needed to get up at 5 am. I got in the car and drove toward the insanity. It came from a church parking lot. I got out and saw an attorney's wife and asked her what was happening. She was so blond and perky. "it is a Christian concert for the kids." I told her how I needed sleep and where I was going the next morning, so they should shut it down. She said, "But, this will keep the kids off the street." I left furious, telling her I could die because of them and the lack of sleep. We were not friendly after that. My question to her was, "why don't you just take the keys?"

I called on Monday and told the Chief of Police my thoughts. Someone told me he got many calls from the residential neighborhood and it would never happen again.

When I talked to a mother years later (another mother, another time) she said she could not take the car or phone from her daughter because they belonged to the daughter and daughter paid for both. Tommy and I asked her whose name was on the title and phone contract. We told her that both were hers, not the daughter's. She changed her tune to daughter and regained control.

Parents are complicit in the entitled attitudes of children.

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