October 21, 2019

Country girl shake it for me

It is a rainy day and a Monday. Thunder booms in the distance as a gentle rain falls.

There was a dead sparrow outside of the garage door this morning. I scooped him up into a old Target bag along with a dirty diaper and tossed the bag into the trash. A sad end for one of God's creatures.

We had a nice road trip to the far north suburbs of Chicago. The granddaughter was ceremoniously baptized in her father's childhood church with the other grandparents standing alongside. It was nice to be included as part of the family, even if they are not blood relations.

The trip itself was not eventful. We opted to go through downtown Chicago Saturday to avoid the cost of tolls. Traffic was unusually heavy for a Saturday. It was typical stop and go on I-94, until it cleard up with no discernable cause for the delay. North of the loop the I-90 traffic snarled things. We escaped much of he congestion by staying in the express lanes. Coming home we bit the toll bullet and took the Tri-State. Six bucks saved us at least thirty minutes.

There you have it, the weekend report. We drove to Greater Chicagostan. Ate dinner. Went to church. Ate brunch. Drove home. The Hampton Inn was nice. And free (I used points).

Have a great Monday. I'm off to the computer to search for a job.

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