October 19, 2019

I cannot remember the last time I ate a TV dinner

Weird dreams haunted my sleep last night. No I will not relate them, because they were nonsensical and frankly they are fragmenting and dissipating from my awake mind like dust on the wind. "Haunted" is probably not the right word, at least in context. There was nothing scary about the dreams. In any case I find little more boring than reading about somebody's dreams, unless it is 57% of the content of this blog, including this latest episode.

So there.

We are heading off on a road trip today. We are off to Illinoisstan to attend my granddaughter's baptism in the morning. All of those hotel points will provide free shelter tonight. Please don't come and steal my valuables while we are gone. And let me emphasize,  my stogies are not in the locked  cherrywood humidor on my desk. Take the TV, leave the box. My neighbor is gone. Take his stuff, he has better quality than I do anyway. Bedsides, the boy and his dog will be house sitting anyway.

It is time to rip up the garden. There was frost yesterday morning. There may be blooms on the tomato plants, but growing season is done. I picked what few green tomatoes that were of decent size Tuesday to ripen on the cabinet, then we are done with fresh produce. The yield was disappointing anyway; undersized and late.

Have a great Saturday.


Practical Parsimony said...

You are dead right about people knowing you are gone and stealing your stuff. An extreme prepper announced a trip and someone came and took all his stuff! Guns and everything were wiped out. So, he quit the prepper group. I never blogged about my trip to reunion until I was home. And, two weeks later when me house was ripped open with jaws of life, someone did come and ransack my house and stole lawn furniture, pots, potting soil and plants! So, you never know. Of course, these were neighbors who saw my door had been left open.

Have fun.

Jean said...

You have a security son and dog system...no worries.

Enjoy a nice get-out-of-town day.

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