October 5, 2019

If you go chasing rabbits

It is probably unseemly to complain that I am cold this morning. A couple of days ago I was sweating  like I just emerged from a sauna while posting from this very recliner. I'm not really complaining. I like the cool nights and mild days of fall. One of the joys of living in the Midwest is getting four full seasons. Over the years fall has become my favorite. Currently, the long lingering summer means the leaves are still a vibrant green, but things will change fast as seasonable weather finally arrives. In fact, the sugar maple out back is starting to drop a few leaves.

I am going to have to buy a new rake this year. I bought my current rake in 1986 after we purchased our first house. I bought it at Big Lots. I probably paid two or three bucks for it. It was low quality even then -- I had to nail the head to the handle soon after I bought it. The nail is still there, but now the rake is missing almost half of its cheap metal tines. I guess I got a good return on my investment.

As far as I know we have no plans for the weekend outside of a soccer game this morning. That doesn't mean we will sit around watching old movies and popping peanuts in our mouth. It is more likely I don't have the need to know until time to plop my butt into tne red Escape and driving us where directed.

Here is a song that reminds me of fall by a band you likely never heard of. These guys were the headliners at the first "concert" I ever saw and played a lot of the dances at my high school and in area bars back in the days a band could make a living (before DJs ruined everything).

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Jean said...

It's a morning for memories.

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