October 27, 2019

Riders on the storm

What a difference a day makes. Heavy rains followed by strong winds (50+ mph) has played havoc with the fall season. On Friday the leaves of the maple out front were green or slightly yellow. This morning my front lawn is covered in leaves.

I think the Grandgirl brought home a bug from preschool. I mentioned previously that both girls were sick. Now guess who is congested and feeling lousy? Yep, your beloved host. Of course it is a given that this is the Worst Cold Ever. In fact, most of you would already be heading to the doctor or closest ER if you felt like I do at the moment. Me, I will tough it out and serve as an inspiration to you all.

I'm giving like that. You are welcome.

We went to the old hometown to visit some friends last evening. We laughed. We played some euchre. It was a good time, as it always is.

I think I'll try to talk the wife into having beef and noodles for Sunday dinner. It is my favorite meal.

I hope you have a great day.


Practical Parsimony said...

October is my month to be sick all month. I was going to just tough it out, but this is a uti, and I cannot wait. Yes, I was toughing it out. No more. I hope you get better soon.

Jean said...

Don't forget...lots of Vick's on your chest.

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