October 26, 2019

Busy as a bee

Both girls were sick yesterday so they stayed home under the care of mom and dad. I decided I would do some of the long-delayed fall outside work. I cut back the hostas and lillies, tossed the begonias and garden plants. I trimmed the oak hydrangea to a more manageable size. I washed out and stored away my little fountain. I stored the chairs and table from the front porch into the garage.  I put the cushions from the aged chairs on the patio in the shed and generally cleaned up outside. I have to mow one more time. After that it will be time to commence raking. I did all of that work and didn't even once take a break for a last fall cigar.

The rest of the day? I suppose I spent the time playing free cell on the iPad, reading, watching The People's Court and either Hallmark Christmas Romcoms or Clint Eastwood westerns. You decide which.

Wow, retreading my efforts so far bores me to tears. My life is bore-ing with a capital yawn. That is tne problem with my late to bed early to rise sleep pattern. It leaves a lot of hours to be filled with the ennui of life.

Enjoy your Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to start your own business instead of waiting for someone else's job?

Cappy said...

The deer have taken care of my hostas.

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