October 25, 2019

What we have here...

Life continues its slow pace here at the homestead. Leaves are turning and the fall air is cooler. Winter is indeed coming.

I have nothing new to report on the job front. I travelled to Ohio earlier in the week for an interview. I was sent the proverbial bullet yesterday; no thanks good luck elsewhere. Sigh. I'm not sure what is going on. I may be coming across as desperate. It could be younger candidates. It could be a person with better qualifications and more direct experience really was available. I don't know.

The mortgage company is getting a bit miffed. OK, a lot miffed. I'm more than concerned at this point.

Too bad God didn't see fit to take me when I had a bunch of work-paid life insurance. At the least the wife could have a place to live.

You didn't come here to read my complaints. I hope not anyway.

I fried up some traditional Hoosier breaded tenderloins and baked up some homemade Mac and cheese for dinner last night. It was tasty and filling. I might add there is none of that pre-cubed pork going on here either. I pound my own meat. Thin and huge and coated with cracker crumbs and fried golden brown.

As far as I know we have no plans for the weekend. I need to pull up the garden and the dying flowers in front. The grass needs cut at least once more. Rain is in the forecast for today and Saturday, so who knows? There is always next week. I have nothing better to do anyway. perhaps I will change the furnace filter today.

Have a great Friday.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried a temporary work agency? They have those for professionals as well as labor. It could lead to a permanent position.

Joe said...


Practical Parsimony said...

A person who was a vendor at craft shows was in your position, decided to work at Lowe's and do craft shows with wood crafts. He eventually quit looking for a job because his income rose drastically with his temporary jobs. But, I do not know your whole situation.

After an injury, the mortgage company offered some sort of deal where I would pay just interest for a number of months, but it was not a good deal for me in the long run. Fortunately for me, I finally got things straightened out. I am sure you have gotten same offer. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Snow next week, life goes on with drama here in Warsaw.

James old guy

Cheryl said...

I am sorry on the job front. My husband loves pork cooked like that, his mom made it for him.

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