November 20, 2019

I think we have heard enough Mr. Chairman

So far we have spent, what, three days, and we have yet to find a witness with direct knowledge-- including the Ukrainians-- that Trump bribed or extorted anyone. We have plenty of people who have third or fourth hand knowledge.

This is real life, not middle school.

The whole impeachment show trial seems like it was taken from the script of Animal House.

We are cartwheeling downhill toward Banana Republic governance.

The next Democrat President is going to hate this new set of rules.

And the Republic crumbles just a little more.


Cappy said...

Hey! Shutup you assholes!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Volker, Morrison Testimony Completely Vindicate Trump, Destroy Democratic Case For Impeachment

Show's over. Kill the lights, cameras and mikes, let's go home.

Practical Parsimony said...

Obviously, no one has listened to Wednesday morning testimony.

Cheryl said...

You realize anything he does is wrong. I believe Trump probably did do what the democrats say but I believe Biden is just as guilty. If Trump would have let Biden just talk he would have imploded anyway.

Anonymous said...

Would someone explain to me why so many think trump is perfect and does nothing wrong when I see so much wrong? I see his rallies and the things he says and does and can't believe that citizens think this is okay? He is rude, bullies, and says some things that do not settle well. He comes off rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. Also spends way too much money and puts unqualified people especially family in position. And as far as the impeachment I think the release of the phone call pretty well settled that. It seemed obvious to me. What am I missing? There were a lot more qualified conservatives that ran that could do the job. Why is this behavior okay?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Anonymous: have the courage to post a name. Any name.
What are you missing? you ask.
The point.
I can't explain it to you, If it was possible, you'd have gotten it already.

Joe said...


He was elected President, whether you like it or not.

Has it occurred to you that roughly half the country felt the same revulsion to Obama?

The difference was the Righties did not spend all of their time time trying to undo the election they lost. Democrats started calling for impeachment before Trump was ever sworn in, so yeah, I'm a bit skeptical. Especially when they promised wrongdoing in tne Russia, Russia, Russia probe.

Never a fan of the Trumpster, this farce has pushed me into his corner.

Anonymous said...

No I won't leave a name because I have seen some of the crazy stuff that has been done to people when they question loyalty to trump. The right wing did do everything to stop actions during Obama they became the party of no to everything. Where is the uniting of United states. Where is the president for all? Where is civility and respect? What has trump did during his term to restore peace? Instead he smears, ridicules, divides, and promotes hate and discord. In the beginning a lot of people like me in the middle watched and waited to see if he would step up to the job and lead like a president. The results were sickening. You claim the left are trying to go socialist but how is the right any better? Dictatorship? Corruption done in the open? One person making all the decisions and a party of yes men? I see both as equally repulsive and fear the worse. I'm asking everyone to forget party loyalty and save us from the downward spiral we are hurtling to. Don't wait for the economic collapse we are racing too where through economic divide will be insurmountable. Please turn this ship around. This is not acceptable.

Joe said...

As your hero Obama said: "Elections have consequences".

Joe said...

I'm not sure using he IRS to target po,itical enemies makes one "a president for all".

Cappy said...

Again with the "economic collapse we are racing too"

Same story as if by magic with the election of any Republican to the presidency. Or the state house. Or the Board of Education. Or the Knox County Probate Court.

Also, your grammar.

If they are racing too, are they NASCAR sanctioned?

Anonymous said...

God you people are bitchy. To vs too excuse my error. You ridicule what I say without thought. Without thought hummm. Hum that is food for thought. Do you listen to both sides and try to come to truth. No. It's always the other sides evil excuses your own.

Anonymous said...

As far as economic collapse. Look at the deficit, look at debt ratio of households, look at the savings rate, look at underemployment, college debt, housing cost, asset ratios, over inflated stock prices, world political turmoil, financial history, automation, etc.. if your thinking you can see this but if you would rather believe stable genius your choice. I know what decisions I'm making and it served me very well in the last 2008 event if any of you can seem to remember that. You know the one with all the tax changes and great economy done by the last Republican reduced regulation and tax giveaway programs. Buckle your seat belts the ride is coming.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

While some of us do in fact use pseudonyms, it would not be difficult in most cases to figure out who we are. Simply posting anonymously is cowardly and unworthy of notice.

Speaking of bitchy people.

Anonymous said...

I love how you people are more worried about who I am vs what I have to say. So be it. You are more worried about being pissy and tearing people down. So be it. Call me a coward call me unworthy of notice, call me bitchy. It matters not. The info has been given use it or not. Bye

Ed Bonderenka said...


Joe said...

Since you asked: I think Trump is a baboon. Someone should have taken his twitter away long ago. That said his attempts to balance trade, protect the borders, reduce taxes (you do understand NO business pays taxes, right?), and appoint judges to the Federal bench that believe the Constitution, not international law or feelings, should determine law are all things that make him vote-worthy to me anda lot of others.

Frankly, Warren's "you didn't build that" is as offensive to me as anything Trump has ever uttered or tweeted.

I don't care if you are anonymouse, I am myself.

As for the rest, a perusal of my archives shows my disgust with deficit spending. I hope you were just as outraged when the previous Congresses and Presidents had no concept hey are spending someone else's money.

Some of your other gripes? Automation, really? Businesses do not exist to provide jobs. Never have, never will. Trust me, I know this fact all to well. If there is a way to manufacture a product cheaper and more efficiently, a company will do it. That was true in Henry Ford's day as it is now. And no President or politician does, nr should, have a say in it.

Joe said...

Bufoon, not baboon

Anonymous said...

Balance trade? Tariffs that have hurt our farmers and the "new trade agreements is a copy of the previous. He had to Hussel that thru because he picked a fight with China and the economic impact was more than our economy could afford which would have hurt him politically he wasn't concerned about the people. Just his status. Protect borders? With his sawsall proof wall. His stopping programs that helped stop violence in their countries so they didnt have to flee for their life. Taxes? You mean like the ones he doesn't pay. Business do pay taxes. You need to look at the records of public companies . That response was enough to make my eyes roll. Deficit spending is all the topic until a Republican is the one doing it. The constitution is a evolving document ie amendments. As we become hopefully more evolved citizens things change. In my opinion there have many trampling of the constitution on one party side. Automation is inevitable our politicians response to it is the problem. Bringing coal back is like bring back dial phones. Making promises to people who really need to be told the truth and helping them adjust to the changing times is cruel and self serving. Stop being exploited by their manipulation of your trigger items and see behind the curtain to see who and what the wizard really is. He has turned you on your own for his benefit.

Joe said...

Taxes are part of a business cost and are passed to te consumer. YOU pay those taxes.

Ths is basic economics you should have learned in high school

Anonymous said...

We are also the government. You should have learned that in highschool.
That would be like saying your boss pays your taxes.

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