November 23, 2019

Why are titles so hard?

Here we find ourselves on a cold and frosty Saturday morning. I discovered I was completely out of coffee this morning. I shrugged into my winter coat and motored down to the WalMart grocery a mile or three down he highway to grab some house-brand K-cups. I like the ones in the yellow box. I actually bought them regularly before I was broke as an old Greek statue.

It appears we will eschew the traditional Thanksgiving feast here at the homestead this year, instead opting for a brunch at my daughters'. We will still head off to the wife's family in the evening. But I will not be making the traditional turkey and fixings this year. My wife tells me I am good with that.

The resident interior decorator says we might start decorating the place for Christmas this weekend. I may wait a couple of days to do the outside since it is forecasted to warm a bit starting Sunday.

Despite the cold I intend to walk the neighborhood a bit later this morning. I have been out of my regular exercise habit the past few months. Perhaps I will get lucky and be struck by a car. The way things are going he will probably be uninsured.

Is it just me or does the Live Aid Christmas song suck?

Have a great Saturday.

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