November 5, 2019

Manatee Musings

I'm alive. I have been busy doing stuff. The nature of that "stuff" I cannot identify. Not because it is super secret, but rather because I don't know where the time is going. Sitting around sure uses up a lot of time.

I had to drive over to the next county to meet with my unemployment counselor. She pretty much told me I'm on my own in finding a job. I have mandatory trainings I have to take in the next three weeks. All involve driving to that office. Nothing like wasting precious gas to take a class on how to interview. Is there a class that makes me twenty years younger? That is what employers want.

We switched Internet providers last week to save a few bucks. The service is not quite as good, but such is life.

It is election day here in the burbs. I think only one race is contested: city council at large. I'm not sure it is worth walking the 150 yards to my polling place.

I'm still battling the tail end of a cold. If snot could power my furnace, we would be set until after Christmas.

You are now caught up.

Really worth stopping by, eh wot?

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