November 3, 2019

Ready or not, Santa is coming

Good morning and Happy Sunday.

I deleted a 1,237 word rant about the idiocy of changing the clocks twice a year. You are welcome.

When did Black Friday and the Holiday marketing blitz move to the beginning of November? One chain is boasting Santa will arrive today.

It's not dandruff that has me scratching my head.

On the other hand, what do I care? On the scale of crazy that is today's America, a business trying to make a buck is at the minor end of the scale compared to the position of pretty much every Democrat candidate running for office. Even the ghost of Eugene Debs thinks the party has lost its collective mind.

"Collective". See what I did there?

Since I'm in a complain and confused mood can I point out the incongruity of sending a repeat offender to prison for five years for armed robbery while a mediocre actress is facing 40 years or more in the slammer for paying off corrupt college officials to get her kids into a university?

Sorry, there is something wrong with the system when prosecutors intimidate a person from proclaiming their innocence by piling on charges until the supposed perp caves under the pressure. Now they are threatening charges against Lori Laughlin's kids if she doesn't lead guilty. I hope it goes to trial. It only takes one person like me on the jury who says "so what" and the case is closed forever. I would feel a little more like the Government was interested in justice as opposed to publicity if they went after the people who organized the corrupt process and took the bribes with the same prosecutorial zeal.

Speaking of crazy, I've discovered a knot in my abdomen. It could be nothing. It might be a hernia. Hypochondriac me votes for aneurism or tumor. I'm hoping it is not an alien waiting to burst through my skin in an eruption of slime and guts. That would be bad.

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Practical Parsimony said...

justice is not blind. It is confused. Take care of that knot.

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