December 22, 2019

The days are getting longer.

We cleaned house yesterday since some friends were coming over. A good evening was had by all. Hopefully things will remain in good order until Wednesday and the Holiday festivities. I just need to remember to trudge upstairs to the bathroom instead of using the half bath in the downstairs hall.

We are hosting Christmas dinner. The turkey is purchased, the rest of the carbs and veggies I will get Monday. The bird is sitting in the garage fridge thawing slowly. I will probably have to give it the water treatment starting Monday night or early Tuesday to ensure it is ready to bake early Wednesday morning. I toyed with the idea of smoking it, but I think I will stick to a traditional oven roast.

The wife is off later this morning to our daughter’s to start of frenzy of holiday baking. Cookies, candy, fudge, and other treats are on the agenda. I will contribute by staying home and watching football, napping, and scratching my crotch whenever the need arises. In other words, I will spend the day like a typical Sunday.

Happy Hanukkah to those of you of the faith.

When my oldest son was home last week my granddaughter was asking him about his Christmas decorations back in Colorado. He allowed he had none, not even a tree. “Oh”, she said, “Do you celebrate ‘Hanamakanah instead?”. We all cracked up. Five year olds.

Remember, be nice, no matter how much the a-holes get you down this Holiday Season.

Have a great Sunday readers.

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