January 3, 2020

Death from the sky

I sympathize with batteries.

I’m never included in anything either.

I’ll be here all week. Please tip the waitstaff.

The Trumpster just offed some terrorists. The usual suspects are all in a lather. Earlier in the week they were complaining that we are doing nothing about the Iranian-backed terrorists attacking our embassy. Now the same Democrats people are hand-wringing that we did something.

How about we ask this question — What was a general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard doing meeting with known Hezbollah terrorists in Iraq anyway? I am skeptical he was there to exchange hangover cures in a post New Years celebration recipe swap.

By the way, if you doubt this was a two-pronged message you are not too politically astute. I bet the live feed was patched straight to the little Rocket Man in Korea as a not too subtle warning.

Everyone is worried the Mideast will now erupt into terrorism and violence. Those pundits ignore the last 10 centuries. Maybe we can assuage the Mad Mullahs with a cool billion or two in cash and blame the whole thing on a YouTube video.

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