January 4, 2020

I hate “Light My Fire”

Overcast and damp would best describe the outside conditions this morning. It looks like it could start raining or snowing at any time. Most likely rain. Inside it is a comfortable 68 F. with nary a chance of precipitation. I hope not anyway.

If the past 34 years of blog posts have demonstrated anything it is the futility of my guessing our weekend plans. The cruise director will tell me when to be ready and where to go at the appropriate time. Therefore I shall not speculate this morning.

As I mentioned yesterday, the usual suspects are hand-wringing over the death of a terrorist. Oh Noes,  I suspect Cindy Sheehan and the Code Pink Nasties will be out waving their sad wrinkly flabby breasties in protest beginning about Tuesday. They took the Obama years off so are well-rested for the big election year assault on the Trumpster.

Let’s be honest. Iran has had an ass kicking coming for 40 years.

Sorry, things are heading a little too serious for a great Saturday morning. How about a little humor to wrap things up on a light note?

Have a great Saturday


Ed Bonderenka said...

34 years of blog posts.

Joe said...

Perhaps there is a smidgeon of hyperbole in my musings

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