January 29, 2020

Not only are you deplorable, you are a rube

Once again we see how the left thinks of us. If you aren’t on board with the Commies, you must be too stupid to breathe without instructions. Of course, the stereotype is furthered by assuming all dumb people speak with a southern accent.


Anonymous said...

Left, commies, lovely vocabulary you have for those who question current events and may hold values different from how you view things.
I must say I'm confused how the current administration's actions are to the general publics best interest. I view the direction of current actions and policy to be against the common Americans best interest. That some of these regular Americans support these policies confounds most of us.

Joe said...

Therin lies the issue. Half the country disagrees with your position, like it or not. That does not make us dumb, or rubes, or Hicks.

Reasonable people can disagree.

I think lower taxes, more favorable trade deals, and controlled immigration are in the public’s best interest. More judges that believe the law is defined by the Constitution is a good thing. Those positions do not confound “most of us”, just those on the left.

Frankly, I like many of the things done under Trump, just not how he has gone about it ( nor the fiscal irresponsibility). Too bad no one can take away his twitter account.

But if my choice is Trump or any of the Commies, leftists, and levelers, or even old Joe currently put forth by the Democrats, ill take crassness that comes with another four years of Trump.

Anonymous said...

Lower taxes for the rich. You will find that the common man's tax cut will be nothing there when you start calculating in other cost of changes.
Trade deals. The current deal is marginally different than the past one and probably would have been upgraded anyway for the small changes done without all the tariffs threats. And it's consumers that end up paying tariffs ie you and me. Furthermore the markets lost by farmers will probably not return and most non corporate farmers won't make it due to the harm done by tarrifs. Ie big business wins again and tramples little guy.
Last administration had more returns than before and had policies set up to help stop problems in other countries that created immigration in the first place.
These changes are not going to improve your current situation nor your future or that of your next generations. The financial and environmental impacts are taken us the way of the Roman Empire and this time the barbaric invasion is within.
Growth occurs due to expansion not contraction. A concept best kept in mind when making decisions.
To make it simple concepts of trade, immigration, inclusion are expansion concepts. Tarrifs, national debt, non inclusive policies are constriction.

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