January 28, 2020

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Let’s see, it is Tuesday

It is trash day. My can is by the curb, already emptied by the big blue truck.

Kobe. Enough already.

Why is it when Democrats vote en bloc it is solidarity and when a Republicans all vote the same it is partisanship? I’m asking for a friend.

I made m favorite meal Sunday. I am having those leftover beef and noodles for lunch today. I will not be deterred.

The Big Game is Sunday. I cannot get excited, even though I believe it will be a good game for once. I might be wrong. I was once before.

Tom Brady isn’t playing. Can we let it rest for at least a week?

Cloudy. Thirties. Rinse and repeat. It is hard to complain about our winter so far.

The baby is napping, but is restless.

I am increasingly becoming sure official review of plays on the field is damaging the game in every sport.  Officials are making more bad calls knowing the review process will sort it out. That is my opinion. Yours may vary. You will be wrong though.

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Jean said...

Maybe the officials need to be sent down for extra training, like the players get when they drop a couple performance levels.

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