January 27, 2020

So it goes

Monday. Another work week without work.

The grandgirls will arrive in a bit. The daily routine is comforting. Unfortunately I feel more like hiding in my office and feeling sorry for myself than playing with the kids today.

It’s OK, as soon as they get here and smile at me I will be better.

Impeachment round two begins. I bored with it. My ennui today extends to politics.

Even the weather conspires to bore me: cloudy, temps in the thirties — highs and lows — all week.

I did start watching the old HBO series Rome this weekend. Lots of gratuitous nudity, more than a little off historically, but entertaining as all get out. But I’m getting old, most of the nekkid boobies were just not necessary.


hey teacher said...

Have you watched the 2 season Medici series. (Netflix or Amazon, not sure) (and too lazy to look up). Not totally accurate and it has Dustin Hoffman as Cosimo de Medici (???), but it was cool to watch and get to say, “ yeah I was just there!”.

Joe said...

Once I knock off Rome I will check it out.

My kids got together and gifted me an AppleTV for Christmas so I can watch some of this stuff now.

Yes I have great kids

Yes I know “gifted” is not a word

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