February 10, 2020

Because you asked

Ed Bonderenka asks “Why is the sky Blue?”.

Ed, I could give a long and complicated answer about atmospheric gases and the dispersal of light particles in the visible spectrum. Instead I will tell you the sky is blue from witnessing the evil men perpetuate here on Earth.

Jean asks “Do you have a favorite author? Who? Why?”

I have a tendency to binge read authors I like. In my teens I went on a Louis L’Amour binge, reading his entire catalog. I have reread all of his books several times. The same holds true for Stephen Coonts. As for my favorite authors, there is no better wordsmith ever than the late Patrick O’Brien. I have read the entire Aubrey/Maturin canon several times through, as well as many of his other novels.

For plain good storytelling, Bernard Cornwell is one of my favorites. Lately I have started reading the Travis McGee novels by the late John D. McDonald. 

More questions and answers coming in a future post.


Frances in My Corner of the Trailer Park said...

Another very good storyteller is Conn Iggulden. I like Bernard Cornwell, too, and am reading my way through his works.

Joe said...

I will check him out

Joe said...

Thanks for steering me to Mr. Iggulden. I tried a sample of one of his books and I’m hooked.

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