February 11, 2020

Because you asked II

Cappy asks “Why is there cat?”.

Why is there air? Why do people vote Democrat? Why does the Commissioner want to keep screwing with the rules of Baseball? Why is Rap considered part of Rock and Roll? How does Kieth Richards look younger at 70 than he did at 40? Why does anyone give a fig about Britain’s Royal Family? Why is there such a thing as “meatless hamburgers”. Why hasn’t Lacy Chabert won an Oscar? 

In other words, there are a great many mysteries in this life. Cats are one of them.

Uncompliant asks “My question is: what are your thoughts on de-atomizing ourselves? Partly, that is a fancy way of asking how to find local clubs, meet-up groups, social/political events that we can attend/join to meet like-minided folks. ”.

Me, I started a blog. The rest, not so much. I practice politics as a spectator sport. 

If anyone has more questions, let me know in the comments


Anonymous said...

Cats are good for rodent and other small life control. The bubonic plague might have had less of a foot hold had there not been the superstition about cats being evil. Everything has a place and a reason if you are willing to look beyond your own narrow world. Ie your previous list.

Joe said...

1. You take stuff way too serious. Lighten up.
2. Opinions..the all stink but mine.

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