February 11, 2020

I see dumb people

In the wake of the Senate rejection of the impeachment charges against The Trumpster, some liberal pundits again brought up the old tripe about how the electoral college and the Senate in particular are “undemocratic”.

Let us cover this yet again: we do not have a democracy in the US Federal government, we have a representative republic. Write it 50 times until you understand basic political fact. In cursive on ruled paper.

One talking head went so far as to research the population of various states and proclaimed a majority really wanted the President booted based on the population of each state and senator’s vote. Of course the assumption was that every voter in say California or New York voted Democrat. We know that isn’t true. In fact, the whole so-called analysis was such a waste of time I feel cheated of those minutes of life I spent in reading the article.

Today I read an Article in The Atlantic spreading a similar nonsense. Simon Barnicle goes further, proving his education is sorely lacking and he should have taken high school civics instead of playing dungeons and dragons, because he surely lives in a fantasy world.

The author readily admits the Democrats are losing elections. His solution is to rig the system so Democrats can win. He wants to carve up Blue States so they get more representatives, more Senators, and more electoral votes. Problem solved. Until Republicans declare every county in Texas a new State. I’m surprised Barnicle Bill didn’t also advocate adding six or seven new judges to the SCOTUS, another liberal plan to get what they cannot pass legislatively.

His rational is that again, the Senate is not apportioned according to population, but rather each state gets two votes. Poor California has the same votes as Montana. All I can say is - Yes. That is how things were designed - exactly to prevent mob rule and despotic control by the larger States.

Apparently Mr. Barnicle Bill never learned that the country is called “ The United States, as in a group of independent  states joined together as a nation. The  US is not, and was not, intended to be a nation with a group of provincial  or administrative districts. The Senate was designed to represent the interest of the individual states, not the people. Unfortunately, that distinction was blurred by the idiotic and lamentable 17th Amendment.

I don’t know what passes for education among the journalist class, but history and civics is clearly not part of the curriculum. Maybe some of those folks who learned of the Federalist Papers for the first time during the impeachment fiasco should actually spend some time reading them.

Worse, the author of the Atlantic piece claims to be an attorney. I guess whatever law school he attended must not require a course in a Constitutional law. It is a good thing he writes, I wouldn’t want that hack representing me in court when he knows so very little about the foundation of our very Law of the Land.


B said...

The author's education means little.

He wants the Liberals to have their way...no matter what. It doesn't matter how they damage the country and system that gives them the freedom they have, nor the prosperity they have.

The Liberal Way is the most important.

Shortsighted, but then again, most Liberal thinkers are.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we got back to Constitutional government?

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